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Why Do You Need a Personal Website ?

In today’s time and age, people would google you before meeting you. It’s like how we search for food reviews before making the trip down.

Having a personal website allow prospects to see who you are, what you offer, and how you can help. It is also a place where you can show off your accolades and testimonials to build your credibility.

In the sea of >20,000 professionals in Singapore, having a personal website can help you stand out and differentiate from other consultants. If you don’t create a strong branding and positioning for yourself, you’re leaving money on the table.

A consultant's most powerful sales tool is a website that can convert a high percentage of visitors into qualified leads.

- Seekingalpha.com

Who are we?

We are a web design company specialising in working with consultants. We understand your pain points and your desires. Most financial advisors face similar problems: insufficient leads, prospect ghosting you, or other FAs stealing your prospects. All of these hinder you from achieving your goals.

All of these issues stemmed from not having a strong enough positioning. Think about this, in the eyes of prospects, you are just another “consultant who wants to sell them something.” We help you stand out in the sea of consultants.

Our goal is to help you establish a strong branding, position and level up your credibility via a personal website.

Having an effective website is like having a 24/7 personal assistant.

  • It works for you while you sleep.

  • People can reach out to you via your website.

  • It increases your authority and positioning.

  • We want to make it easy for you to have a personal website. That is why with our studio, we take care of everything for you. Just like how clients offload their worries to you, we aim to do the same for you.

    Our Services

    Brand Strategy

    Creating a plan

    Managing social media

    Brand positioning

    Crafting the right message

    Brand Design

    Brand Style

    Logo and colors

    Brand icons

    Brand accessories

    Digital Web


    Designing the assets

    Web development

    Funnel building

    Brand Personality

    Brand persona creating

    Creating brand stories

    Copywriting and editing

    Content management

    Our 3 Step Process

    Discovery Call

    Just like how you sit down with prospects to understand their goals and needs, that is exactly what we will be doing in this call. We will discuss what your objectives are, and how we can achieve them.

    Proposal & Discussion

    We will prepare a proposed sitemap to show you the possible end look of your website. This is also where we go into a deeper discussion on building your dream online presence. For example, your preferred colour palette.

    Design & Development

    Sit back, and relax while we get to work for you. We will make your vision a reality by designing a beautiful and responsive website that can help you in your business. We aim to give you peace of mind by taking care of all the parts of this process.

    What Our Clients Say

    George has experience in working with consultants, and it shines through. Communication was easy. He knows what we are looking for and how to help us stand out. He is open to discussing the details and achieving my desired look and outcome. He provides free revisions as well, which is a plus point. The best part is that now I have a website to send to prospects which helps in building authority.


    I’ve engaged George’s services twice. The first was to build my website, and the second was to create a long-form sales funnel to take prospects on a journey to become clients. He is a responsible guy that keeps his word which makes the working experience pleasant. I’m satisfied with both the websites he has built for me. George is your guy if you want to craft a strong positioning for yourself through an online presence.


    George worked and delivered fast. After understanding what I wished to achieve, he gave an estimated delivery date and delivered before the date. We had a few calls to discuss what I wanted, and he was patient throughout and made my vision come to life. Now I have an online name card that I am proud to share with prospects before appointments. The number of “can we reschedule and proceed to MIA” has dropped since.


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